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Take Action Now to support the Binghamton-Johnson City Wastewater Treatment Plant Project Labor Agreement! Call Mary Rich David ...

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The Yes Vote Saves You Money! PLA 'Yes', project labor agreement for the Binghamton/Johnson City Sewage Treatment Plant!


This Wednesday, November 4th,
Vote 'Yes' on the PLA!


We are currently fighting for a PLA on a Sewage Treatment Plant that is valued at well over $180 Million Dollars, and we need your help.

Please make a Call and say PLA YES !!! Vote YES on the P.L.A.!

This Wednesday the Binghamton City Council will vote on an issue that will impact how your tax dollars are spent. The vote is about the sewage treatment plant project and the use of a project labor agreement (PLA).

The city did a study that showed the use of the PLA is in the best interest of the city and the tax payers and could save over 5.5 million dollars!

Call the Mayor’s office at (607) 772-7001. Encourage the city council to do the right thing this Wednesday and VOTE YES on the P.L.A

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Vote YES on the PLA!


What is a Project Labor Agreement?

A "project labor agreement" (PLA) is when the government awards contracts for public construction projects exclusively to unionized firms. It is a collective bargaining agreement that applies to a specific construction project and lasts only for the duration of the project. Essentially, it guarantees the project will use union labor.

From the Cornell University Study – Project Labor Agreements in New York State: In the Public Interest. Read article >>

PLA’S have demonstrated to be a very useful construction management tool for cost savings, for on-time, on-budget and quality construction. They have been a huge success in bringing labor stability and increased productivity to construction projects. PLAs also keep good union jobs with decent health care and pension benefits in local communities.

From the Binghamton-Johnson City Joint Sewage Treatment Plant. Read article >>

PLAs generally provide that employers and the building trades will initiate more flexible assignments and scheduling of trade members on individual projects than would exist under their separate labor agreements. In return, all trades employed on the project, whether union or nonunion, are paid union scale, with all employers contributing to union health and pension funds.



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